Captain America: The First Avenger [Digital]

First thing first! Stay to the end for a "The Avengers" teaser!! Woohoo!! Snarky Tony! Intense Hawkeye! Broody Thor! Evil Loki! Go Joss Whedon!!! Now that that is out of the way...Captain A is a fun superhero/WWI romper, that is a bit draggy in the middle third, but ultimately feels like a preamble for the ultimate fanboy flick next year with the producers daftly weaving in Thor's (Odin! Cosmic Cube!) and Iron Man's (Stark Enterprise) mythologies into the storyline. Chris Evans definitely fits the role of Steve Rogers more than he did as the Human Torch, giving Cap more than just a hint of vulnerability and humanity. Joe Johnston does a decent job directing; origin stories tend to be draggy in the beginning, but here the backstory feels appropriate and the dragginess only comes in somewhere in the middle third. The love story between Cap and Peggy Carter (know another Carter in the universe? heh...) is typical of the genre, slightly poignant but not nauseatingly sweet. Tommy Lee Jones gets the best lines and Hugo Weaving is cooly scary. Sadly the score, though US-patriotic with the snares, does not pack enough Oomph! befitting a superhero flick. Now...imagine if this was hybridised with "Inglurious Basterds"...ace!! Heh!


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