Not impressed with their version of rustic french bistro fare. Went down for a lunch and the online menu made it sound tempting. Nice setting, good decor. Had the 3 course set lunch. The tripe was good (only if you like tripe) with the lemon and the sauce, otherwise not wow. Mains took a long time to come. The pan-seared sea bass was an okie size, and the fillet was moist and tender, but the accompaniments did not really serve to complement. The overall taste was just...blah. The roast pork collar had an interesting mustard sauce, but it is triste when the best part of the dish was the roasted nuts! The pork was on the dry side. At least desserts was a saving grace. The creme brulee had a good custard taste and texture; sweet but not masking the egginess behind it. Weak coffee.

Return Policy: Nice setting to chill out with friends (not really a date place...they got the communal feel right) where food is secondary to company.


2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494

tel: 6298 1188

Opening Hours
1200 - 1430hrs (Last order 1400hrs)

Mon-Thurs: 1830 - 2230hrs (Last order 2200hrs);
Fri-Sat: 1830- 2300hrs (Last order 2230hrs)


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