Attack the Block

This is what Super 8 wished it could had been. Funny, scary, with a heart, and even socially satirical, and all that with a non-Hollywood summer flick budget. It's like Shaun of the Dead meet Super 8: Alien invasion in a district with only the kids to save the day, and these ain't your Hollywood-scrubbed kiddies but toughened by the block hooligans. Even the damn aliens are way scarier and cooler than that lame-o by Abrams. Definitely not for everyone unless you are into irreverent, dry, Brit wit and accent/slang. Which then in that case, this show is ace! Go catch it (if still available)!! Well paced, laugh out loud and scary all at the same time. Goes to show you don't need a gazillion budget to do something good. Well done Joe Cornish!


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