The Help

Another long delayed movie has finally reached our shore. The Oscar buzz has been steadily building for this little sleeper hit in the States and it is totally well deserved!! This is a slow burning hit that rewards its patient audience. Once you get past the southern accent, this is a touching, funny, serious and serious current and reflective movie. The background may be obscure to local audience, but the theme is universal. It is not only a film about racism, but also of pure and simple bigotry and bullying (feminism, elitism, chauvinism all makes appearance). Bullying has not lines, no boundaries; bullying is for the weak. A powerful, emotional performance by Viola Davis will surely gain her another well-deserved Oscar nomination; Octavia Spencer is also equally riveting as the sassy Minny! Emma Stone is a starlet in the making (hope she doesn't pull a Lohan!); Jessica!...this girl is a STAR! Exciting, illuminating, and arresting!! Can't wait to catch her next 2 flicks! The hilarious Sissy Spacek, uncharacteristically un-glam Allison Janney and even bitchy Bryce Dallas Howard round out the excellent oestrogen-filled cast. This movie also aptly reflects the current Singapore situation and the way where I see many kinfolks treat their help - as archaic as it was back then; our kiddies are undoubtedly gonna start (or many have already!!) loving their "aunties" more than their own mothers!! Can't wait to start on the book!


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