District 10

I have heard about this place since it was at Winstedt Drive, however, never did had the opportunity to try it there then. Anyways, so now it has moved to a more posh, and more visible, location at UE-square, which should mean that business can't be all that bad right? Unfortunately, that again taught me that assuming just makes an ass out of you and me...(or mainly me). I had the fried calamari and the Hoegaarden battered fish and chips. The calamari came really quickly, but, oh boy, it was so bland. Not even lemon and the wasabi/mayo (which was too thick) could save it; and at $14 the portion was way too small. The fish and chips took a while to serve, and on first impression, it indeed looked yummy. Big portion - 2 pieces of fish - with a golden brown batter. A pity that it tastes flat. Boring. The fish was bland and mushy; I got bored after 3/4 of the first piece, felt "full" on starting the 2nd one, and just dug out the meat for the last half. It's sad when the chips are waaaay better than the main dish. At $18, the portion is definitely worth the money, but not the palette. Aesthetically, the place looks like it will be a nice place to chill out after work. The quest for fish and chips and continues...

Verdict: Will not come again to eat unless someone invites me there.

District 10
81 Clemenceau Avenue
#01-15/16/17 UE Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 239917

Tel: 6738 4788; e-mail: contact@district10.com.sg

Opening Hours
very complicated! (who's gonna remember??)...essentially, opens everyday from 11.30am to 12am (11am on Sat, Sun and PH; 11pm on weekdays and Sun). Only bar food at 3pm-6pm, except for Sun and PH.


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