Crazy Christmas 2011

What a sad shade of the original Dim Sum Dollies (R) (yes, they are copyrighted now). Unfunny, unoriginal and uninspired, and forgettable songs (from Glee's play book that's way way too poor). Laughs were thin and forced, with poor directing and bad lighting. A slight glimpse of their former glory was during the bunny skit, but sadly they missed the chance to segue into a rabbit-dragon joke. Instead, we got a hokkien Santa. Sigh. Even Kumar seemed embarrassed to be in this show. Granted, perhaps the lack of energy is partially due to tragic loss of RJ Rosales and the unfortunate relapse for Emma Yong (will next year's in memoriam be for her? let's hope not...). Anybody else caught the sold-out-ness of it all? Underneath the sly governmental snarkiness is a production that reeks of propaganda. Pity...


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