The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep is AMAZING!! She IS Margaret Thatcher neé Roberts. The movie itself, sadly, is quite rubbish, and that may be what will cause her to lose the coveted statue in end Feb. It was an aimless movie that had no direction. It doesn't know what it really want to be: a political/historical biopic, a love story or a flick about dementia-awareness. Streep, on the other hand, was mesmerising! She was totally lost in her role and all you could see on the screen was a tottering old woman trying desperately to gain control of her life as she tittered on the brink of full-on dementia with flashbacks back to her rise to power. The supporting cast are really just backdrop to Streep but Alexandra Roach is interesting to watch. All said and done, it is still worth catching this flick just to marvel at Meryl Streep. One thing I learnt from it though, was that I never knew I was such a Conservative.


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