Warrior @ SQ In-flight Entertainment

What a pity that I had missed this on the large screen in Singapore. What was I doing?! This was a fantastic piece of fight flick...and dare I say, it was better than last year's "The Fighter". True, the acting here is not the main draw, but the action choreography, directing and chemistry between the actors were stunning. Gavin O'Connor fight scenes really put the audience in the pit, and through the whole movie, you do not know which brother you will be rooting for nor what will the final outcome be. All possibilities were equally plausible.You just can't help cheering and wincing throughout the matches. I also particularly liked how the background story Tom Hardy's character was slowly revealed piece-by-piece and it was also done appropriately. Hardy was scarily beefy (a prep for Bane?) and broody; Joel Edgerton got the whole underdog edge to him; and Nick Nolte really delivered in his role as the father-figure that played such a pivotal role in the brothers' characterisation (but sadly, still not as good as Christopher Plummer for the Oscars). This is definitely one of the best fight flicks from Hollywood!


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