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The Hunger Games [Digital]

I really loved the source material. While this movie was good entertainment, it has been distilled down to YA/tween level. Would have been better, in my opinion, if they made it more "The Truman Show" meet "Blair Witch"/"Battle Royale" and, sadly, less "Twilight". The characterisation and complexities of the main characters and supporting cast is lost, as are the satirical and social-commentary angles. Nonetheless, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Bank were good casting particularly the two leads, though Liam Hemsworth was a tad miscast (perhaps, he will shine in the sequel). Lawrence does embodies Everdeen and she and Hutcherson definitely has a more believable chemistry than she with Hemsworth. Too much un-necessary (shaky) hand cam and poor action direction. The tone and palette were right but just too superficial. The tween girls behind me may have marred the experience. Read the series!

The Woman in Black

Some good scares but in the end laden down by predictability and contrivance. Suffers from the M Night Shyamalan syndrome. Could have been so much better if they carried on with the Ring influence rather than The Village. Harry Potter still can't carry off a show by himself and lacks the ability to emote pain and suffering as required by his character. Very much inferior to the brilliant British play.

Capri Trattoria and Pizzeria

A new Italian establishment along Bukit Timah Road, well just slightly off it at Binjai Park. New kid on the block that is already packing a full crowd on a Saturday dinner shift. Homely ambience that may be a bit too cramped, with a small (3 tables) outdoor seating. Too much use of halogen light, coupled with the open wood/brick-oven, and it can get at bit warm-ish the nearer you are to the kitchen. 4 wait staffs, with very good, polite service, but still a tad under-staffed (another 1 or 2 will be better). The Italian boss himself stood behind the counter, making the coffee, and settling the bills. only very occasionally does he step out to serve or chat.  Food wise was good. Hearty Italian meals with generous portions. The house Prosecco was light and tasty. The starters of sautéed squid served in its own ink and seafood soup were fresh and promptly served. The former went very well with the table bread but had more of a stir-fried chinese tze-char taste than Mediterranean; the la…

A Separation

A fascinating, complex and intimate window into Iran. Culturally enriching and deeply moving without the Hollywood cliches. A beautifully told tale interwoven with rich themes of gender roles, religion vs pride and mercy, and piety. I was so afraid that they would cop out the ending, but it was brilliant!!! Extremely engaging and thought provoking. Easily a Best Picture contender rather than a Best Foreign Film winner.

Blu Kouzina

A homely Greek restaurant along Bukit Timah road that has been drawing a sizeable crowd since its inception. I have seldom not seen it packed when I drive past, so now finally now I have got the time and mood for a little Greek food. White washed walls with the typical white-wood furniture accented with blues, and even the greek evil eye popping around. Fairly large place, with an outdoor dining, open air ground level, and air-conditioned second-floor. You can pick your choice of seating during reservation, and reservation is recommended. However, there are 2 seatings for dinner, so choose wisely! Service was prompt and serving was timely. Menu had a good range of appetisers, some cooked appetisers, a selection of meat and fish platter as main, and the blackboard specials. Good drinks menu, focusing on greek wine, but there's always Mythos and Ouzo too if so inclined. The food servings were all generous; think Caucasian size rather Asian portion. The grilled feta was a generous sl…