Lady Gaga The Born This Way Ball 2012 (Singapore)

The wait for the concert was not too long. They had a DJ out initially to get the crowd, well more like the penned sheep, going. Unfortunately his set was rather short and the audience was left listening to a set of classicial pieces from Vivaldi's "Winter" to Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee", Wagner's "Ride of The Valkyries", an opera, and finally the starting strains of Beethoven's Fifth , before the entrance of the alien ("A-lian" ? hahaha) being Gaga, who is apparently here to liberate us and set us free. Free from oppression. Free from discriminaition. Free to love. (Hear that Singapore?). Gorgeous sets and lightings, shitty indoor stadium sound system. Pity. The Lady and her dancers were energetic throughout the show and it was amazing! The crowd only got warmed up after she started on "Bad Romance" which thankfully was not that long into the show. Thereafter, she interspersed her sets with her radio hits and the lesser known tracks out of her "Born This Way" album. The formers illicit wild screamings, jumpings and general hysteria, whilst the latter were more subdued. I think she sang live (for most of the songs at least), but her dancers were more amazing dancing than her. She changed her costume almost after every song, but not all were stand-outs. Few interesting bits from the show, were really her interaction with the crowd. The un-scripted bit where she played with a doll thrown on stage and used it to sing/dance "Born This Way". Her description and story that prompted her to write "Hair" and its accompanying acoustics/piano-as-a-motorcycle rendition of it. The sing-a-long for "Edge of Glory". Some of her talk to audience/song transitions were a bit cheesy but at least they brought on the hits. Standing tickets were so much more worth it just for the atmosphere and space/freedom to jump, put your hands up and scream!


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