Dean & Deluca (Singapore)

Disappointing. They are not prepared for an opening. They opened over the weekend and I was one of the first few customers in on the Monday. Had a coffee and chocolate croissant while waiting for the rest of my brunch party. Don't they serve their coffees in cups any more? (the last time I ate at D&D was at least 6 years back). The brewed coffee was good. Better than the coffee chains at least. The chocolate croissant on the other hand, was just acceptable. Sadly, Hediard has set a very high benchmark for all other chocolate croissants to follow. Furthermore, by the time I was ready to order my main course, I found out that they only had the display items for sale. The menu items were not available. They had also ran out (?!) of ingredients for the french toast brioche and flap jacks (after opening for business for less than an hour!); I could not even be bothered with ordering anything else for breakfast/brunch. Oh, do take note that the expiry dates for their American produce are in the American format, so "Exp: 12/6/12" means "expires in 6 Dec 2012". Damn, I miss Felicity.

Updated (10 Oct 2012): 4 months since the first visit, and the hype over the place definitely has died down. Not much of a crowd and you can safely get a seat when I was then from 11am - 2pm. Unfortunately, food was not great. Finally had the portobello cheeseburger, and though it was big, it was too greasy. The meat will be well done if you do not ASK for it to be otherwise, and the fries were just too salty. Coffee was great though, big cup, good quality milk foam and strong brew. Lastly had the carrot cake and the chocolate cake; former's cream cheese topping was too sweet and the latter was too dense.

Verdict (updated): Nice place to chill out or hang with friends to pass some idle hours, but not really worth it for proper meals.

Dean & Deluca (Singapore)
181 Orchard Road
#04-23/24 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Contact: 6509 7708

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am - 10pm


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