The Debt [Blu-Ray]

Sadly, this excellent politico-historical thriller did not make it to our shores. Very well acted by the two leading ladies - the 2011-ubiquitous Jessica Chastain, and the regal Helen Mirren - the movie moves along at a thoughtful pace. The time shifts initially may be a bit jarring, but once the main plot goes into drive, it kinds of becomes irrelevant. A very well scripted movie that explores country vs. self and truth vs. lie. The ending may perhaps be a bit too neat such that the grandeur of the philosophical questions that the movie aimed to ask seemed a tad diminished. The directing by John Madden was tight and suspenseful at times, in particular the scenes with Chastain and the antagonist. In all, a great yarn that was supported by a brilliant cast. I think Sam Worthington has potential, just squandered at the moment.


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