Melancholia [DVD]

This is a story of two sisters. An utterly depressing apocalyptic story of two sisters that are more similar than they care to admit. A showcase for Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, particularly the former who gave the performance of her career. Finally a glimpse of the good actress that we all thought she could be since playing Claudia in "Interview with a Vampire". Dunst portrayed the emotional frailty of her savant bride with sincerity and intensity; Gainsbourg unraveled beautifully. Both characters were written so well and acted so beautifully. Lars von Trier's shaky handicam directing takes a bit getting used to, but the images that he puts on screen are at once visceral and unique. Minimal soundtrack that allows for the silence to echo the suppressiveness of the end of days. But imagine if a suitable score was created, how more amazing this movie would have been! The supporting actors were outstanding with their little screen time, particularly Charlotte Rampling and the Skarsgård father-son duo. Sutherland, unfortunately, was the weakest link in an otherwise strong ensemble.


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