Sole Pomodoro

A simple, nondescript, rustic Italian Osteria opposite Rex cinemas with a good old-fashion wood fire pizzeria oven (which to me is the main attraction). Well ventilated surroundings with generous air conditioning and overhead fans that made dinner time al fresco dining a pleasure in Singapore (other than the plentiful vehicular traffic). The meatballs were authentic: soft, slightly chewy minced meat served in a tomato/bolognaise sauce that could have been hotter. The 4 cheese pizza was excellent. Thin and chewy with a subtle hint of burnt wood over the crust. Though not good enough for me to eat all the crust (only Il Montino's pizzas in Pisa was that fantastic!), it is still much better than many other joints in Singapore. Price-wise it was average, but would have expected a tad less based on location and lack of full air-conditioning.

Verdict: Will definitely be back if nothing else but to try their other pizzas.


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