The Bourne Legacy [Digital]

Acceptable action thriller that's sadly does not reach the greatness of the first Damon's Bourne outing. Renner is a decent action star and has his own magnetism, but his character was written too flat and uninspiring; Aaron Cross lacks Jason Bourne's everyday man's charm. Tony Gilroy's directing needs a lot of work. He favours close shots and tight framings too much, hence it ended up too vertiginous in certain scenes and loses perspectives in others. Also, some scenes ended too abruptly and were clearly truncated (Director's cut?). The first act had way too much exposition. It was trying too damn hard to dovetail this movie into the narrative of the previous franchise. Unfortunately, it started veering too much into science fiction territory, namely *spoiler alert* Dark Angel meets Captain America. The ending was too abrupt and clearly built up for a new franchise. The highlight was definitely the final police chase scene. Excellent action choreography but would had been better and more coherent if shot by a more capable director. Rachel Weisz was not your usual damsel but she was seriously annoying in the first half, and her serious-run face was too "serious". Edward Norton exacted sufficient malice to appear scary but that was all his role demanded. What a waste of talent. Sadly, in the end, not too looking forward to a sequel but will still go watch it to see which direction they will bring this link of the franchise towards, and also partially a bit of goodwil towards Renner which really needs to get out of starring in too many franchises or else people will start forgetting that he was once an Academy Award Best Actor nominee.


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