Pilot: The two best things about this CBS show are: Michael Urie (he of "Ugly Betty" fame) and his chemistry with David Krumholtz. But despite that and the relatively impressive pedigree, most of the jokes fell flat and barely got a chuckle. Urie is the only one fun to watch, and the two "partners" were boring. Brandon Routh is miscast and cannot act; Sophia Bush could be so much better! Hopefully, they can develop the supporting casts and venture out of the typical gay/straight stereotypes and hit the right notes that made "Will & Grace" so popular back then.

Episode 2: Slightly better outing. A few genuine smiles, but no chuckles. Too many lame jokes in between. Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh characters need more things to do. Urie is still the brightest star, it's mainly his jokes and deliveries that sold the laughs. As is his chemistry with Krumholtz. Routh is just so bland!

Episode 3: It's improving. Urie still gets the best lines and there were some stingers throughout that made me laugh out. Removing Bush and Routh from their workplace definitely improved the structure of the show, but Routh really annoys me. He's too daft to be the straight man (hah!)...but Bush definitely has improved. She and Urie has good chemistry too.

Episode 4: The verdict is in after 4 episodes. This show is watchable. Definitely not appointment TV, but the actors and writers seemed to have found their groove. Urie is funny and surely the main reason to stay on with it. Sadly, Routh is the weakest link. It will be interesting to see how they carry on the season or beyond with just these 4 casts. They may need to expand their supporting actors. Nonetheless, I can get a least one or two laughs per episode now, so will stick with it for 20-odd minutes a week.

Episode 5: Still have a few laughs. They finally found one thing to do with Routh but sadly I doubt it can be a running joke. The Superman/Clarke Kent and Lois/Louis joke is really funny (but in an inside joke). And they should really play on his himbo-ism. Louis can veer into being annoying. Although I think the relationship between Louis and Joe is quite realistic of super-close friends, and their chemistry has really developed! I really like this "I don't want to fight with you!".

Episode 6: "Claire Danes' chin quiver". Total laugh out loud moment. This show is at least maintaining its standard. Chemistry between Louis and Joe is the key here. Routh is finally more tolerable. Bush's jewelry subplot is still not working.

Note: Sad news. CBS cancelled the series. Sigh. Although it started off rough, I thought they finally understood the characters recently. At least it delivers more laughs than some of the other new sitcoms. Pity. Hope Urie gets a new show. STAT.


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