Killing Them Softly

A stylish, arty neo-noir film that appears to be about the life of hitmen but is really more an allegorical representation of America and its economy, the economic crisis and Capitalism. And just in case you don't really get it, writer/director Andrew Dominik intersperse the film throughout with snippets of Bush and Obama's speeches and hammered it in with that wonderfully acted final scene. Dominik seemed to be artistically influenced by Wong Kar Wai, Quentin Tarantino and Nicholas Winding Refn, what with the slow-mo, shadowy lightings, wisps of smoke and grass-tinged songs underscoring dramatic scenes. Brad Pitt gave a finely nuanced performance that although not showy was captivating. Richard Jenkins is always nice to watch especially playing the nonchalant and resigned bureaucrat (the people?); James Gandolfini seemed like a washed-up version of his Soprano's Tony and his scenes tended to give a glimpse of normality to these crime men. Scoot McNairy and Ben Mendelsohn round up the competent the cast.


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