Seven Psychopaths

A very dark meta-within-a-meta comedy from Martin McDonagh who somehow always manages to bring out the best in Collin Farrell. Either that or Farrell is better when he's speaking Irish than American. Nonetheless, this is a smart intelligent movie that has four brilliant leads in Farrell (and his hypnotic eyebrows), Christopher Walken (this is deadpan, people), Woody Harrelson (almost a parody of his Natural Born Killers seld) and the always excellent, character actor Sam Rockwell (who is so dependent to play these off-kilter roles). Smart meta-digs and self-mocking irreverence throughout with laughters generously spread out. But definitely only for those who can appreciate a good dark comedy. Even the ending was a macabre genius. Brilliant brilliant script that was well acted and directed!


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