Hoshino Coffee

A rather crowded Japanese-inspired French/Italian restaurant (more bistro like though). The queue for dinner took 15 minutes on a weekday night, however service was prompt, efficient, and most importantly polite. You can decide on your orders whilst queuing, but they don't take it till you have seated inside. The wait for the food was a good 10 minutes. The Hot-pot curry rice looked pretty but it sure ain't worth $15. Maybe $1.50. One piece of generic sausage, a half-boiled egg, 2 small broccolis for garnishing, very al dente rice (or uncooked rice, depending on your view) in a cheesy, very mild curry that was too rich in MSG, overly salty and lacking in proper substance (meat pieces or potatoes) or anything. It just tasted awfully boring, and rather awful too. The vanilla souffle was supposedly made fresh on order, so the well-trained staff actually asked whether they could start preparing it while we were eating our mains. Nonetheless, like the main, it looked good with a nice cap (a bit short though), but the insides was a mushy, grainy mess! Tasted like custard. Too much butter, sugar was too coarse, not well beaten and the egg whites was not well meringued. The only saving grace is the very excellent, well trained, polite staffs. House rule: no entry until all guests have arrived. 

Verdict: Won't be coming back. 


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