Monster University [3D]

Disclaimer: I don't really remember much about "Monster Inc.". The concept was refreshing but the plot was not very memorable. So I went into this sequel not really expecting much.

An entertaining animation with some chuckles and laughs, and gorgeous design, however just a tad long and lacking soul. Pixar's initial years of producing revolutionary, groundbreaking animations with amazing technical skills and refreshing plots seemed to be over the moment they merged with Disney. The storyline here was rather straight forward with nary a curveball nor unexpectedness. It was clearly aimed at the general Disney audience and the younger ones, rather than cater to the ones that loved the first outing and were interested in the characters' backstory. Some sequences were entertaining but most of the laughs were from sight gags rather than sequences. Helen Mirren stood out as the voice of the main antagonist, however Billy Crystal and John Goodman were distinctive but not memorable. Similarly so was Randy Newman's score. 3D was not necessary at all. Even the short film, "The Blue Umbrella", attached to the start of the movie suffered the same fate: cute, interesting, but undeniably, had with it a sense of deja vu. Although the use of photorealistic animation was an eye-opener. But nonetheless, still a rather pale comparison to last year's Oscar winning "Paper Umbrella". Stay tune right to the end of credit!


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