Tenshin 天信

Always wanted to try this tempura place, especially since the fabulous inagiku closed down and Chef Edward disappeared. Ordered the omakase set with tencha. The starters were standard: endamame, boiled vegetables and broiled/stewed unago. The prawns were served first. The heads then the body, and all were fried to perfect crispness! The oil tasted fresh but the prawns (definitely not local) retained their freshness and sweetness. Same as the white fish. The asparagus was not outstanding but by itself at least it did not have that bitter taste. The uni was fantastic. Generously stuffed within a seaweed wrap, it was lightly fried and the seaweed had a great crisp too it that was juxtaposed by the sweet, flavourful, smooth uni. Then, next up was the mushrooms. Delicately fried and melt in your mouth with the sauce. The salad was simple with just lettuce, really fresh tomatoes and fried lotus root chips in a mustard dressing. The last white fish was meatier than the first but went well with the rest of the meal. Ordered an a la carte sweet potato tempura: thick slice, sweet Japanese sweet potato, thinly coated with the crispy tempura batter without overpowering the natural sweetness. Ended with a tencha that was topped with a tempura-battered prawns cake in a hot wasabi soup. Pity no desserts in the omakase set, but was really full by the end. Service was acceptable, attentive to the drinks but not much else.

Update (22 July 2013): Came back for the lunch and the $30 tendon set is worth the money. It comes with a small appetiser, the same salad and a scoop of mango sorbet. The tendon bowl itself had 2 prawns, a white fish, mushrooms, pumpkin slice and long beans. The rice was warm and drizzled with just the right amount of sauce. Tea and towel is included separately. 

Verdict: Great tasting, yummy tempura that's on the pricey side, but without Chef Edward, this got to satisfy my tempura urges. 


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