Madam Kwan's

So, the famous KLCC joint is finally in Singapore. If my memory serves me well, the famed nasi lemak there was tasty but not really memorable. What I do remember was the exceptional rice and chilli. Anyways, the Singapore branch at Vivocity opened to quite a fanfare, and after a bit I finally went down to try. 8-plus dinner on a weekday night barely had any queue. The service was acceptable and prompt and they leave you alone after taking your orders. The Nasi Lemak here was good but slightly on the higher side of average restaurant-priced local food: 2 pieces of chicken, a small bowl of rice, half an egg, some floss, cucumbers, stewed onions and ikan billis and a small plate achar. The rice was really fragrant and lemak with coconut, and the curry sauce was generous and spicy and tasty. Pity the rice was a tad too little compared to the delicious curry. The otak-otak was definitely way over-priced! And while the rice dish came out within 5 mins, the otak-otak only came out when I'm almost done with my rice. Anyways, the otak-otak itself was too dry and the spiciness overwhelmed the fish. However, regardless of all that, the most erogenous fault in the restaurant is that they do not serve water!! Instead they charge you $1 for a bottle of mineral water!!! And on top of all that, there's still 10% service charge and 7% GST. 

Verdict: Definitely over priced and only the Nasi Lemak is worth considering, however, by principle, will not be coming back since there's no free water nor waived service charge for charging for water. 


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