Marukyu まるきゅう

Disclaimer: I'm friends with one of the owners/partners. 

A new Japanese restaurant that opened at Telok Ayer Road giving the business folks there one more place to dine in during lunch and dinner. Went there for lunch on their second day of business, and for a new place it has a rather respectable crowd at lunch time. No doubt because of location, type of cuisine, and the influence of their head chef: Chef Derrick formerly from a Japanese restaurant at Circular Road (Dezato Desserts and Dining), and before that at Nadaman, Shangri-La for 15 years. To be honest, I have never tried either of these 2 establishments before. Anyways, like almost all new Japanese restaurants that is worth their salt, the fish is imported from Japan. The difference here is that the fish comes in on four days, 2 of which are from Tsukiji and another 2 from Kyushu. The set lunches are very business-lunch priced, and the chirashi sushi bowl was a generous portion of fresh fish including uni and ocean ikura (before the fish entered the river) amongst the usual suspects. The accompanying miso soup was average but the dessert was a yummy yuzu ice-cream. Also had a grilled sanma on Chef's recommendation and that fish was really fresh and very reasonably priced. They only had 1 waitress at the moment, so chef is also helping with the waiting duties. Hence, tea serving and serviettes were wanting. The second waitress will join them next week. As a new restaurant, teething problems are expectant but hopefully they can iron it out within 2 weeks.

Update (22/10/13): Service has slightly improved with a new staff, but still not as attentive. No tea refills and no serviettes. Chef is still a delight to converse with and today I left it to him to serve us, we just asked for a fish and some sashimi. Ended up with a kodai which was served sashimi'ed  and yaki'ed; the former was really fresh and sweet, but it is the latter which was superb especially with the special ponzu sauce. The sashimi served included a really good shimaji, a scallop/shiso/umi/yuzu combo which was a delightful explosion of flavours and texture in the mouth, and another combi which included tuna(chutoro? otoro)/something and something (was not memorable and I forgot to ask Chef Derrick about it). Price-wise for the fish meal was compatible with most other restaurants that does seasonal whole fishes, and it was definitely fresh, although may not be a filling choice. 

Verdict: Should come back for dinner one day or try their non-fish items, but lunch is definitely an option when in that area. 


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