El Rocho's

Mexican food. Never really had a craving for it, but am not adverse to it. Good Mexican done well is so hard to find in Singapore, so I rarely will go out and try new places after getting bitten one too many times.

Anyways, I ended up at El Rocho's on a good friend's advice for Cinco de Mayo, and boy! was I not disappointed!

Chef/Owner Marcus Loh does some really mean Mexican dishes. All the meat we had - pork, beef, ox tongue and chorizons - were very well grilled and marinated in particular the ox tongue.

The quesadillas were thing crusted and generously filled.

Perhaps only the fries and steaks were a bit of a disappointed. Although the fries were chunky and crispy on the outside, and the steak pieces were tasty, the overall impact of the dish kind of lacked oomph and punch. It was tasty but unspectacular, and possibly not worth the extra for the steak.

The taco was excellent! Soft, mildly chewy taco shells with generous portions of ox tongue and vegetables cubes. This is best eaten with your hands! Try not to spill everywhere! The salsa that accompanied the nachos were also divine; I wish I could bottled it back and eat it at home!

The margarita was not as strong as I'd like which was good in my case - it was a work day lunch, natch.

For dessert, we had the Les Tres Leches (?) - Three Milk Cake - which was a soft sponge cake in a pool of sweetened milk and topped with ?cream. A very simple dessert that tasted as simple as it looks. Nothing overwhelming but also not unacceptable.

Update (7/5/14): 
Came back 2 days later for a second round, and this time round I called ahead and asked Chef Marcus if he could do a fish taco for me. In a word: heavenly! Best darn fish taco in a looooong while, and definitely in Singapore! Thank you, Chef!

The nachos supreme was a sloppy mess with the guacomole and carne, and again thankfully, minimal beans. However, if it was a tad spicier it might have brought out a more complex flavour.

The bisteca especial was not really that special. The flank steak was a bit over done and the beef by itself was not as tasty if without the accompanying sauce.

Hibiscus frozen margarita: 4 shots of Jose Cuervo with 4 shots of Cointreau. Generous portions, but was kidding that it could be even more potent still!

Verdict: One of the best Mexican restaurants in Singapore, will definitely come here again once more on a Friday for the cerviche, and then whenever I get a Mexican craving or a friend does.


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