There will be no pictures in this post because, simply, NOTHING was worth the effort. 

This place is the dictionary definition of over-rated. I'm only here because a friend could not make it at the last minute and I hijacked his spot.

The nicest thing I can say is that you get what you pay for. $50 gives you a $50 standard. But truth be told, it felt more like $30. 

If I were the one footing the bill - I was just an invited guest - I would have left 30 minutes in. The whole dining experienced stretched from first seating 6.30pm all the way into the second seating (poor folks waiting outside). 

The fishes were atrocious! Every single fish was not fresh. The portions are minuscule (that's okie for the price) but the control of the sauces and taste overwhelmed everything. For a Japanese restaurant you were not tasting the raw ingredients but the sauce. Cheap sauce. Can't even call it pseudo-French! What a waste of fish and beef. 

Chef has no control of his staffs. There was absolutely no control of timing. Slow, uneven serving. Food was left out too long before serving and not even under a heater or on a warmer. There was no skill in sushi making whatsoever. The sushi rice may be from Nigata but it sure does not reflect it.

The open kitchen is an embarrassment. If you want to do an open concept you jolly well be aware that everybody is scrutinising. 

Service was beyond bad. Forgot a portion of soup and just walked off. Did not inform the guest at all but told the sous chef and he begun to prepare another. My neighbour is a non-beef eater but his fried rice came with beef. No recognition by the staff on the faux pas nor an apology. 

I don't really care about the ambience. A hole in the wall concept is fine. Unique too, but the constant movement of staffs behind you and asking to be excused is an interruption to a dining experienced. Your food had better be damn good to compensate.

Verdict: Absolutely never again. 


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