How To Get Away With Murder

Pilot: First time really watching a Shonda Rhimes series, so am expecting much and yet also at the same time not expected to be blown away. And that was what I came away with after the pilot episode. The premise is interesting and the likely series-long mystery does seem intriguing, however the flash forward technique is getting more and more contrived every year we move away from Lost. Viola Davis is a fabulous actress but her character is such a contrived mess. There had better be a good back story to explain her character. None of the other main cast appear to be likable or relatable, not even the underdog, perhaps only Connor is mildly interesting because he turned out to be gay. Liza Weil is underutilised. The case-of-the-week structure so far is fairly interesting as it at least it involved the interns - whom we are supposed to be invested in - vying to get Davis' attention.

Episode 2, "It's All Her Fault": The case-of-the-week concept got a big boost here if Davis' clients are really always guilty. At least that would give it a twist from the other legal dramas out there. However, for a Shonda Rhimes series, I am still surprised how unlikeable the cast are and how I really do not care about their personal drama. At least the flash forward scenes are asking the "whys". Davis' character is such a cliche - poor Davis if she thought she was going to sink her teeth into a complex role. In the end, Annalise is just a stereotypical female - what a slap to the feminists. Bright side: they may have found their Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) with Steven Weber.

Episode 3, "Smile, or Go to Jail": Poor Liza Weil, so wasted here. The main mystery finally goes into the fore here and this may be when the series finally get interesting. Although this episode's COTW was rather boring. Similar, the interns' drama is just as boring. Davis is really the only real draw here, but unless Annalise gets more real and interesting, this show ain't landing on the same-day watch list.


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