Cats was the first musical I ever watched - or at least clearly remembering having watched it - back almost 20-odd years ago, and this is the first time I am re-watching it since.

Sadly, it was much better in my memory than what was presented on stage. Apparently there was a live band, but there was no orchestra pit and the sound system did not sound like the band was live. Both the band and singing volume would increased simultaneously when the singing got more intense, and that consistently led to overshadowing of the already - often - poorly enunciated singers.

Perhaps it was just the poor sound system in Marina Bay Sand (Grand Theatre)?

The overall energy level of the cast was not high as it could be, and it always felt like the party was winding down rather in the swing of it. Thankfully the second act was an improvement or maybe it was just because of the more familiar songs, including the now-musical standard Memory. Which did send some mild shivers down my spine, and raised a few goosebumps, but it lacked the emotional hit of some other pros.

Kudos to the set design, though. Gorgeous set and lighting. Similarly, great costumes and makeup.

Choreography was good, but the dancers...let's just say if you have watched enough ballet then there wasn't much to be awed by. However the 10-minute Jellicle Ball dance sequence was awesome!


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