Wayward Pines

Pilot: This pilot did everything a pilot was meant to do! It delivered on an intriguing and interesting premise that left you hooked and wanting more. A small town mystery that threw more questions up in the air than you would expect. There were mysteries in terms of plot, characters and motivations, with twists, turns and surprises occuring with such speed that I am concern whether M. Night Shyamalan and gang can keep this momentum up through all 10 episodes. Matt Dillon is convincing in his role and as equally bewildered as us in this evil-Storybrook-esque town, but the real standout is Melissa Leo. She is delightfully evil with the right amount of creepiness and humour. The plotting could use a bit more tightening, but stylistically this is a very Shyamalan film. It is smart of Fox to delay this till after Empire, with Terence Howard star-power drawing in more eyeballs. Juliette Lewis's and Carla Gugino's characters are the most enigmatic and interesting, but I am interested to find out how Shannyn Sossamon's character will tie into Dillon's storyline in Wayward Pines.

Episode 2, "Do Not Discuss Your Life Before": This show is addictive. What with its central mystery on what exactly is happening in Wayward Pines?! The acting is nothing to shout about, but the characters are slowly getting interesting. Carla Gugino is a mystery: friend or foe? Is Juliette Lewis nothing more than just an extended cameo? Melissa Leo is plain creepy and Terence Howard is plain crazy. Finally Shannyn Sossamon is heading out into the main thread.


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