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Jurassic World [IMAX/3D]

This movie is a conundrum. A fairly entertaining film that was poorly written, directed, acted and, sadly, scored. And yet, it will surely draw in the crowd. Mad Max: Fury Road is still the reigning champion of this Summer.

Even for someone like me who had never watched a single piece of trailer, teaser or seen a still from the film, there was nothing throughout its 124 minutes running time that shocked me, awed me or left me impressed. The best moment was when John William's iconic Jurassic Park score played in the beginning, and even there it was more nostalgia than anything else.

And therein laid the problem. Nostalgia.

Director Colin Trevorrow and cinematographer John Schwartzman tried, but nothing on screen captured the magic, wonder, fear, trepidation, surprise, triumph and awe of Spielberg's original.

The shallow script by Trevorrow et al certainly added nothing to the mix. The plot and contrivances were acceptable - ludicrous but acceptable - but the characters were a…

The Whispers

Pilot: ABC's new Spielberg TV production has promise, and definitely more potential than his last few ventures. Remember The River? But yet, they all clearly carry some of his trademarks: moderate-to-large sized cast with child actors and involving the supernatural/alien/paranormal. The adults led by a convincing Lily Rabe (wasted on AHS after her star-making turn on AHS:Asylum), with the Barry Sloane who seemed like the straight man here, I am an actor not just a pretty face Milo Ventimiglia whose character is the most intriguing, and Joss Whedon alum Kristen Connolly who I hope is not just here to repeat her horror-Virgin role. The children seemed passable with Harper the creepiest and Henry the cutest (do you think Henry's and Connolly's red hair are linked?). The show is sufficiently creepy but could definitely be more stylish and not as brightly lit to really bring out the effect (that scene where they encountered the strange structure was a good example). But, like W…