The Lobster [SQ Inflight Entertainment]

A deliciously black and wholly original satirical love story masquerading as a fairy tale by Yorgos Lanthimos. The plot is simple, but the journey to the end - is it the end? - is not in a straight line.

Colin Farrell has never been better and Olivia Colman stole the show whenever she is on the screen. Strong performances by Rachel Weisz and Lea Seydoux with the always reliable Ashley Jensen, John C. Reily and Ben Wishaw providing backup.

A piercing commentary on our current societal obsession with pairing up and the superficiality of dating apps and yet, simultaneously not excusing the absurdity of those who vehemently oppose such behaviour. But ultimately, The Lobster is still a hopeful romantic at heart.

As Phoebe Buffay would say, "She's your lobster!"


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