The Disaster Artist

James Franco turned in a committed and truly charismatic and very funny performance as the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau that was oddly affecting and also surprisingly touching. James Franco really does deserve a nomination again for Best Actor this year. As the director, Franco did a great job in telling the unique story of Wiseau and "The Room" without mocking nor belittling the history or the legacy; and also not excessively elevating it beyond its cult status. Instead, what he did was that he managed to make a consistently funny pseudo-mockumentary that injected empathy for its subject and a piqued curiosity for those who have not watched "The Room". The parade of pals-of-Franco making cameos throughout also helped to keep the film interesting. With regards to casting his brother - Dave Franco - as a co-lead, that was a brilliant decision. The chemistry and trust between them both were critical in the selling of the story and the dynamics between Wiseau and Greg Sestero. Stay on for a terrific end credits scene!


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