Hanna [Digital]

An arthouse thriller with very European sensibilities marred by insufficient backstory to underpin the characters' motivations.. Do not expect your usual American hollywood popcorn flick. "Kick Ass" this is not; Hanna may be as deadly as Hit-Girl, but there's no camp (or vulgarities) involved. Excellent acting from Saoirse Ronan: she presented the coldness and blase-ness of an assassin, but at the same time realistically portrayed the girl-out-of-the-jungle naivete and wide-eyed wonder. Saoirse is supported by the perpetually under-rated Eric Bana (I still like his Hulk more) and Olivia Williams (go Dollhouse!), and hunted by the deliciously morally ambiguous Cate Blanchett. The fight sequences were beautifully edited and underlined by the synth-electro music of The Chemical Brothers (yeah!). Only problem is the script. As said, the characters' motivations and back story were only briefly mentioned but were not given sufficient time to develop nor dwelt with for the audience to really contact with them. As such, I did not care enough about any of them to root for any party. Oh, and the characters' accents were distractingly all over the place.


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