19 April 2012

The Cabin in The Woods [Digital]

Holy Shit!!! I worship at the temple of Whedon! Brilliant mind fuck and a whole different spin of this classic horror genre! Whedonverse alumni special...and I still fucking hate clowns!!!! Can't even say much bout the plot without giving it away...think of it as Buffy meets Angel meets Dollhouse meets Mark Burnett. Freaking awesome deconstruction of the typical horror flick that will leave hard core horror cravers, looking only to satisfy their blood lust, out cold; but for horror lovers who prefer their scares coupled with cerebral stimulation, then RUN to the cinema!! Meta, campy and so tongue-in-cheek-winking. Intense ending!!! I laughed so hard, winced so hard and "woah"-ed all the way!! It would had been even more fabulous if Olivia Williams turned up at the end...but the-actor-who-shall-not-be-named was just as great!! And did I mention that I HATE clowns?!?!?

18 April 2012

Avengers [IMAX 3D]

This is the ULTIMATE superhero movie! Joss Whedon's trademarks are all over the movie and thanks to him this movie had (tons of) wit, great action, gorgeous sets and an amazing alien design (looking at you Abrams!). The action set pieces were extraordinary and this is how a finale action should be set. Brilliant!! The first quarter was setting the scene, and thankfully the exposition was smart and not a clutter! Then it was followed by a teaser of the potential awesomeness. Before the full-blown blow-your-mind-out-ness! And again thanks to Whedon, there were pathos, characterisation, emotional depth, snark, sense and continuity!! Shout outs to fanboys, and the previous movies. Everyone of them rock!!! There were even sneak cameos by Whedonverse alumni...hahaha. The sequel needs to happen NOW!!! (stay to the end credit...who the hell doesn't know what it will be about..."court Death"...mauahhahhaha) Double Whedon whammy with Cabin & Avengers! Welcome to the A-list, Whedon! Finally!! Here's hoping you get to do the sequel too (listen up Marvel!!)...obviously there's was some holding back this time round. In all honesty, this is a GREAT summer, popcorn movie, but it's not Oscar-calibre kind (except maybe in the technical categories, or snark!), so do not expect this movie to change your life but it is definitely going to enrich it and make it more fun! There were certain aspects of the movie that clearly showed some restrained by Whedon/Marvel...so for the sequel, the creative juices needs to be like Hulk unleashed!!  Hulk smash!! 3D not necessary, but IMAX is.

17 April 2012


Loud, mindless, predictive explosive fare that's a bit too long. Either that or it's just draggy. Undemanding entertainment. Lead actor Taylor Kitsch is too pretty to be a bona fide action hero, whereas the criminally under utilised Liam Neeson would have been more realistic. I can even buy Eric Northman...ermm...I mean Alexander Skarsgaard. The most entertaining segment was the "Battleship" sequence the movie was based on. Again, the aliens were too generic, too Halo-esque. I'm surprised Rihanna did not contribute to the soundtrack nor sucked in her first feature show. Navy boys might enjoy it just a bit more.

6 April 2012

Mirror Mirror

Came into the movie with low expectations and just to see Julia Roberts camp it out! And boy, is she campy. Sadly this show only has 3 things going for it. 1) the Oscar-worthy costuming...hats off to the gorgeous dresses by the late Eiko Ishioka; they are so amazing; 2) sardonic dwarves; 3) Ned Stark!!! The kiddies in the theatre seemed to enjoy it, but sadly it could have been better if Tarsem Singh just embrace the absolute campiness off it all. Interesting concept and spin on this old tale unfortunately even "Once Upon a Time" is doing it better.

Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

This was unexpectedly good. It was not Oscar-winning good, but it was a thoroughly entertaining horror-thriller. Kudos to writer/director...