The Cranberries LIVE in Singapore

Flash from the past! The band still rocks. Dolores still has got the pipes after so many years! I last watched them almost 8 years ago in a double bill with No Doubt. The Cranberries played a 90mins set with a pseudo-encore towards the end that was kinda lame. Then again, this is Singapore, also the country where >50% of the crowd sits down during a rock concert...heh! Damn wish I was with the ground crowd which seemed more happening, my section there were only like a handful of us who stood up...sigh. Where's the love? Even had to move one side as I was blocking the peeps behind...sheesh. Anyways, the Irish quartet (now) played all their big hits which got the crowd into a frenzy. Started off slow with "Animal Instinct", built up with "Linger" but by the time they reached "Zombies" and "Ode to My Family" the fans went wild! They did sneak in some of Dolores' solo efforts and some slower tunes, but that felt more like fillers to give the band (and the audience) time to catch their breath. It all ended with a rousing rendition of "Dreams" and the band's promise to be back next year with new material! You think people will come for their new stuffs?


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