Rise of the Planet of the Apes [Digital]

James Franc'so big budget follow up to his Oscar nominated role in "127 Hours" is surprisingly bloody damn good, but the star is not him. The apes were awesome from the first scene to the last (I call it: Best Special Effects Oscars) and Cesar's humanisation, ape-fication, evolution and rise is the real star. Andy Serkis deserves some recognition. Best movie of the summer (so far). Sure there are some plot holes and inconsistencies, with some suspension of disbelief, but they are not too glaring or taxing on the brain. Started off a tad slow, but steadily rise to an exciting, scary crescendo with one of the best golden gate bridge climax ever! There was an astounding moment in the movie where almost the whole audience practically stopped breathing. WOW!! Patrick Doyle's brilliant rousing score definitely suited the movie to a T! Hope the sequel (Outbreak-ish I think) of this prequel won't suck.


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