Contagion [IMAX]

The latest in a long line of end-of-the-world, "Outbreak"-esque, medical thriller. This time round, the number of Oscars flooding this movie certainly give it some serious credibility. Steven Soderbergh and Scott Burns created a smart, intellectual, darkly satirical movie that was tautly paced, except for the rushed ending. A more "realistic", factual portrayal of pandemic outbreaks with modern inflections and leanings, with less action-packed, race-against-time scenario than the usual Hollywood types. Although some contrived scenes were not unexpected, but there was a sly nod to the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" somewhere within. The first fifteen minutes was intense and highly charged. The cast was brilliant all round with all the stories converging appropriately, but unfortunately, because of the many story lines, some were left hanging in favour of the A plot. Oscar winners Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow shone with their limited screen time, while Marion Cotillard did her best with what was written for her. The guys gave strong, but no standout performances amongst them. The score by Cliff Martinez was very electronica and quite apt to convey Soderbergh's direction. Our boy, Chin Han as he is credited here, is really going places huh...IMAX not necessary.

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