Don Quixote [Mariinsky Ballet & Orchestra, St. Petersburg]

World class Russian ballet finally comes to Singapore! A live orchestra absolutely makes the difference, compared to many other ballets that have been staged here!! The Mariinsky ballet delivered a wonderfully entertaining, slyly humorous, visually sumptuous and aurally delectable performance. Gorgeous sets that knew they are second fiddles to the colourful costumes, tutus and dancers! An energetic first act infused with EspaƱol flavour; followed by a slightly comparatively underwhelming second act with a captivating classical scene; and ended with a thrilling Grand Pas (de deux) which was slightly marred by some fumbles by Valeria Martynyuk. Nonetheless, both she and Vladimir Shklyarov were amazing, and brought Kitri's fiery, flirtatious nature and Basilio's cheeky youthful vigour to the stage. Technically, they are not the BEST ballet dancers out there in the world, but still way way better than many others!! And one of the best to grace our shore. What a show!!!


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