Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Restaurant Week, Oct 2011. What a disappointment. First impressions: the place was rather stunning with gorgeous view overlooking the completed MBS (once the gardens are up, it will surely be more impressive). For the set lunch for Restaurant Week, I had the foie gras terrine with poached pear and brioche, scallop and prawns risotto with black truffles and tempura zucchini flower, and raspberry mascarpone cheesecake. Again, I was suitably impressed when the starter arrived within 10mins; taste-wise, nothing special, but the terrine was a bit dry and a let down (goose??? nah...). Then came the disappointment. They forgot the main course. For 40mins! And during the interim, our server did come over and apologise and offer more bread (which frankly is very underwhelming). However, each apology is followed by a longer wait. Disappointingly, for a restaurant of such purported standing and repute, none of the supervisors/managerial staff actually came over to try to soothe the situation nor placate the (angry) guest. 40 mins wait is no joking matter, especially when you are in the CBD and lunch hour is sacred! How hard is it to offer a sushi (or something) as apologies? Anyways, unfortunately, the long wait did not guarantee an excellent dish. The risotto ended up too bland. There is no flavour in the rice unless eaten with the teeny scallops (two); the truffles was barely sufficient to imbued any of its flavour; and the zucchini flower needs more practice. Dessert was another long wait (10mins), and not like the dessert requires pre-ordering like souffle or molten cake. The cake itself was nice but unimpressive.

Verdict: Won't be going again, unless it's free. (I can get a good view from Jaan too, and better food many, MANY places else).

Stellar @ 1-Altitude
1 Raffles Place (former OUB Centre)
Level 62
Singapore 048616

tel: 64380410

Opening Hours:
Sun, Sat: 6pm - 12mn
Mon - Fri: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm - 12mn


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