Table at 7

Restaurant Week, October 2011. Lunch set @ $40++. I preferred the food here than at their previous establishment: Sage. For the restaurant week lunch set, I had the yellow fin tuna tartare with daikon, avocado and sesame oil, followed by a main of chargrilled beef onglet and a warm valrhona chocolate tart. The tuna tartare tasted like the old-school sheng-yu (raw fish) that I used to eat with my porridge in chinatown market, but the daikon, cucumber and avocado does add another dimension to the texture of the dish. The onglet was done medium-rare (which we had to specify directly to the wait staff who did not ask) and it was really good, with a nice charred taste in the exterior and just enough tenderness and chewiness within; the accompanying mash was blah. Lastly was the dessert. Interesting way of serving the usual warm valrhona cake, kudos if the pastry tart was home-made, though the moccha ice-cream was way more ice than dairy!

Verdict: May go back, but I won't particularly hunt it down.

Table at 7
7 Mohammed Sultan Road
Singapore 238957

tel: 68366362, 83386362

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: 6.30pm - 11pm


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