Immortals [Digital]

A tedious movie that serves best as an introductory vehicle for Henry Cavill - the next Superman. Thus far, signs are encouraging that he will make a better Son of Krypton than Brandon Routh. Anyways, back to the movie...comparisons with "300" is inevitable, and unfortunately the latter is more entertaining and more well-paced. "Immortals" took itself too seriously, and lacked the grandiose self-absorption of "300" which made it more entertaining. The movie is clearly shot for 3D with many scenes that serve to "pop" out, but the hyper-realistic palette is already darkly toned, so I cannot imagine the screen being clearer with the 3D lenses on. The fight scenes are brief and lack the vigour and maso-violence of "300". The scenes and settings are beautifully rendered, unfortunately Tarsem lacked the grandeur vision of Snyder and most are just postcard pretty and not used effectively. Lastly, my biggest beef with the movie is the wasted utilisation of the Greek Gods. For a movie that seemed to sell itself on Greek Mythology, the gods are kinda useless and lame. Even the penultimate fight scene was such a let down. I seriously doubt the self-indulgent hope-for-a-sequel ending will come true. It is a sad day when "Clash of the Titans" may be a better Greek god showcase. But, hey, the saving grace here is Henry Cavil, and I hope big things happen for this charismatic guy once Superman is out.


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