Richard III (The Bridge Project)

Another world-class production comes to Singapore! The Bridge Project's last installment was an astounding success. Richard III was a powerful and exciting production led by a stellar Kevin Spacey and directed by Sam Mendes. Spacey's Richard III was a triumphant portrayal of a snarky, anti-hero who schemes, plots and intrigues his way to the Crown, but yet manage to invoke a sense of pity in the audience at the next to last scene. The stage was beautifully set-up, with excellent lighting and direction, and accompanied by a mini-live band that serves to dramatise and underscore the emotional impact wrought forth from the stage. The Elizabethan English was challenging at times, and especially so during brief portions where the actors, Spacey especially, speaks at rocket speed. Similarly, some of the actors were a tad softer, and that too made understanding the intricacies of the Bard's dialogue just that much harder. All in all, Spacey deservedly receive a double standing ovation, as do the rest of the cast and crew. Who knew the Bard could be so snarky and still oh-so relevant (and accurate about human nature) almost 450 years later?!


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