Drive [Digital]

A f***ing, bloody, brilliant, dark, modern day noir thriller. Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling are an amazing pair! The former directed a tight, tense and riveting piece of film (gorgeously shot and lighted; stylish and retro), that is headlined aptly and beautifully subtly by the intense Gosling as the anti-hero that you cannot help rooting for. Narrative is first and foremost before brainless action. The first ten minutes were intense and nicely bookended with the last ten minutes (that were also beautiful depicted). The minimal dialogue is bolstered by the retro soundtrack and all-round ace acting by all!! Carey Mulligan again illuminates the screen with her ingenue charms, and she and Gosling have great chemistry. Gosling continues to impress; it's sure been a long way since "The Notebook"!


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