The Ides of March

An aptly titled and very timely political drama that reflect the current American situation. However, it was filled with too much lazy "pop" politics on what's wrong with America now. George Clooney's direction was a tad too amateurish and gimmicky. Lucky for him, he had the, yet again, amazing Ryan Gosling, and  paired him with a brilliant cast of actors: Philip Seymout Hoffman, Paul Giammati, Marisa Tomei and the beautiful, underrated Evan Rachel Wood (they all gotta be Demoncrats, or at least non-Republics, right?). Gosling, and all, lifted this show just slightly above average. Also, a very different kinda score from his usual by Alexandre Desplat that doesn't really distract from the show. More relevant to peeps who are interested in politics or Americans.


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