Brawn Steakhouse

What a bad experience!! Firstly, the reservation was booked four days ago...this will be important later on. Upon arrival at 7.30pm on a Sat, the restaurant was quite empty. Okie, granted it's in the CBD, so perhaps its main bulk of business is during the weekdays. There were only three servers (including the ?manager). We were seated promptly, but no menu was given until 5 mins after the water was served. Menu given with no explanation whatsoever - come on! What about some description of the the famed Black Cherry Wood grill, etc. How to distinguish itself as an upmarket place? Anyways, guess what? There was no stock of the much-ballyhooed  21-days aged dried ribeye/sirloin!!! Sheesh...a) they could not have told us that upon reservation? Speaking of which, no one called to confirm seating; b) they should have at least mentioned that during the menu-presentation. Sigh. The bread was hard and stale. Escargot was bland and tasted like it was boiled in water before serving (drizzled with oil and garlic); the mushroom soup was acceptable just a tad salty; the roasted bone marrow was not too bad, but the marrow could have been just a bit more "roasted". The wait for the beef was another 15-20mins. During which, the restaurant was playing Top 40s!?!?! My 220g fillet mignon arrived. And 2-3mins later...its sauce sauntered along, together with the sautee mushroom sides and gratin. Now, at least the beef was good. The Black Cherry Wood was deserving of its praise. The juice and flavour was all sealed within the beef, with a hint of sweetness/charred-ness on the outside. By itself, the beef was perhaps 6.5/10. I had the red wine reduction and duck liver sauce which cost more (the sauces are not gratis), and that elevated the beef to perhaps 7.5/10. The mushroom was normal, and the gratin was too hard, and not creamy enough. Then came dessert. Poor service in taking orders for the desserts too, and again they failed to mention which were not available until after the guest has ordered. Sigh. A least this time round, the 15mins wait for the Tarte Fine (apple tarte a la mode) was worth it. Easily the best dish of the night. Oh!!! There's no wine list here!!! Sacrilegious! Something to do with the meat being halal etc etc!! Can you imagine??!?! The wine list came from the Japanese Restaurant next door...

Verdict: Won't be coming back here again, unless someone is buying me the age-dried ribeye.

Brawn Steakhouse
8A Marina Boulevard
#01-01 Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018984

tel: 6634 8060

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 12 - 2.30pm; 6 - 10pm


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