The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [Digital]

David Fincher's version of the first book in the Millennium Trilogy is an exciting, very well directed, fairly faithful adaptation, but it lacked the intensity, emotional rawness as depicted in books and the Swedish version. That said, the opening sequence was damn, bloody good! Totally set the mood! However, the film as a whole ended up being a tad Hollywoodified. Rooney Mara is a totally different kinda Lisabeth compared to Noomi Rapace, and unfortunately, Mara's version lacked the coldness and ferocity in Rapace's brilliant portrayal of the borderline sociopathic as described by Larson. Daniel Craig, on the other hand, was an aptly suitable Blomkvist, albeit a more asexual version. Christopher Plummer was again brilliant as the enigmatic patriach. Excellent atmospheric soundtrack by the same duo that won last year's Oscars for Fincher's "The Social Network". The music was cold, bleak and totally riveting. They need more coffee, smoking and sex! <SPOILER> I can't believe they changed the ending!!! </SPOILER>  Will still watch the sequel.


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