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As part of: Société Générale Private Banking First Rendezvous With French Cinema

What a stunning, beautiful film. Michel Hazanavicius has created a magnificent hommage to the silent era that is sure to be nominated for all the major awards come Oscar 2012! Not a surprise, since this movie grabs you from the beginning as you observe the fall of the silent era, as embodied by the wonderful Jean Dujardin, and the rise of the talkies, as emblazoned by gorgeous Berenice Bejo. Dujardin is undoubtedly the star of the show (other than Uggy!), and is so deserving of the accolades thus far; to me, he is now definitely the front runner for Best Actor. Bejo was luminesce and should also be nominated for Best Supporting Actress. The American actors were also great in their roles and were definitely good fit in this silent flick, where either exaggerated characterizations and large movements, or stoic types with strong features, are to be expected. As said, this film will get nominated for a slew of awards, but other than Best Actor, I don't see it getting Big Prize. Hazanavicius is visionary, but let's take a look at the other contestants first shall we? Maybe it will be one of those rare occurrences where Best Picture and Best Director are not from the same movie. Lastly, if only this movie was played with a live orchestra, what an experience it would have had been! The score is, like Uggy, the unsung actor that lifts this picture up to greatness.


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