Giselle by Paris Opera Ballet

A simple Romantic love story that was beautifully told through ballet and orchestra. The esteemed Ballet de l'Opera national de Paris presented a gorgeous version of this French Classic (my second viewing since watching it at the Met, 2004). The √©toiles - Mathieu Ganio & Clairemarie Osta - were great together, dancing in synchronicity and complementing each other in the two pas de deux (?pas de deuces or pases de deux) in Act 2, particularly in the second one where it wad so sadly choreographed. She was ethereal and graceful, and he was strong and focused. Unfortunately, I think she stumbled a bit more with some moments of unstable form, such that it seemed the male √Čtoile had the more technically-challenging role. The SLO orchestra were also commendable in their playing of the score and nothing beats a live orchestra accompaniment. A great step forward for world-class art in Singapore.


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