Hugo [3D]

Hugo [3D]: What a crowd pleaser!! Martin Scorsese directed a beautiful, sweet, poignant ode to old movies and to the magic of movies! All who love movies should really watch this. The first few mins before the title shot were brilliantly shot. One of the best piece of directing this Oscar season (except for Spielberg's wicked action sequence in Tintin which was not live-action)!! It deserves all its 11 nominations, excellent sets, sounds, visuals and costumes! Well done Howard Shore, for creating a Parisian-sounding soundtrack.The whole movie was just such a visual treat. This is how 3D movies should be made! What a difference compared to post conversion 3D! Commendable acting by the young cast, with an excellent Ben Kingsley! Might be too long for some, but each scene gives you a payback in some form of other. Could it have been shorter? Sure, but may not be as beautiful. Love, Hope, Romance, the power of Books and Movies, and Happy Endings. I squarely put "The Artist" vs "Hugo" for both Best Picture and Best Director.


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