The Cabin in The Woods [Digital]

Holy Shit!!! I worship at the temple of Whedon! Brilliant mind fuck and a whole different spin of this classic horror genre! Whedonverse alumni special...and I still fucking hate clowns!!!! Can't even say much bout the plot without giving it away...think of it as Buffy meets Angel meets Dollhouse meets Mark Burnett. Freaking awesome deconstruction of the typical horror flick that will leave hard core horror cravers, looking only to satisfy their blood lust, out cold; but for horror lovers who prefer their scares coupled with cerebral stimulation, then RUN to the cinema!! Meta, campy and so tongue-in-cheek-winking. Intense ending!!! I laughed so hard, winced so hard and "woah"-ed all the way!! It would had been even more fabulous if Olivia Williams turned up at the end...but the-actor-who-shall-not-be-named was just as great!! And did I mention that I HATE clowns?!?!?


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