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The Amazing Spider-Man [IMAX] [3D]

The best thing of this reboot is the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Their scenes were easily the best and where Marc Webb directorial sensibilities shine. I would watch these three just alone. Comparisons are inevitable with the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire series. Garfield's Peter Parker presents a more rouge-ish Peter Parker, a geeky rebel, and his innate charisma makes him very much more appealing. The first act may be a bit boring to fans as Webb sets up a new world and re-introduces the origin story, however at least it was done with more heart and logic in exploring Peter's impetus to be a superhero. Also, thankfully we were not weighed down by Daddy issues (clearly a setup for a sequel, stay till the end), but nothing new to add. The second act was fun and more grounded in reality, and as said earlier, Garfield and Stone were simply a pleasure to watch. The lines seemed more adlibbed than written by Vanderbilt. The third act was where the action really st…

Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery

So much rave about this place, and yet such a disappointment. What do people see in this place? Ordered their pan-fried goat cheese salad and it came as deep fried (see picture, below). Bacon pieces were greasy and rubbery, and whole salad was just too oily. It just all taste so amateurish and sad. And so very expensive. Even their small cup of coffee is more expensive than a medium cup over at Dean & Deluca. On top of all that, the epitome of disappointment was the discrepancy in price on the menu, blackboard and bill for the sirloin steak sandwich and the resultant confusion and poor service. Counter staffs were terribly unhelpful. Basic service/industry etiquette should apply and the established ought to honour the displayed price. It took a ?senior staff to come to our table later to apologise and refund (after a waffling "I see what I can do.").

Verdict: Much better brunches/brekkies can be had elsewhere.

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery


Dean & Deluca (Singapore)

Disappointing. They are not prepared for an opening. They opened over the weekend and I was one of the first few customers in on the Monday. Had a coffee and chocolate croissant while waiting for the rest of my brunch party. Don't they serve their coffees in cups any more? (the last time I ate at D&D was at least 6 years back). The brewed coffee was good. Better than the coffee chains at least. The chocolate croissant on the other hand, was just acceptable. Sadly, Hediard has set a very high benchmark for all other chocolate croissants to follow. Furthermore, by the time I was ready to order my main course, I found out that they only had the display items for sale. The menu items were not available. They had also ran out (?!) of ingredients for the french toast brioche and flap jacks (after opening for business for less than an hour!); I could not even be bothered with ordering anything else for breakfast/brunch. Oh, do take note that the expiry dates for their American produ…

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

This place can give Tonkichi a run for its money. The Hungary Mangalica pork katsu is their specialty, and it did not disppoint. Fat, succulent and tender. The crumbs were well fried and of good quality, and the pork went excellently with the salt and tonkatsu sauce. The multi-grain rice was also a surprisingly healthy and delicious addition to balance off such an unhealthy main dish. Typically, free flow of rice, soup and lettuce. The oyster on the other hand was just acceptable; nothing spectacular about it, but I guess so far hard to find excellent fried tonkatsu-style oysters in Singapore. The best kaki is still in this little store in Uedo, Tokyo. Service was acceptable, but price is a bit on the steep side which is what it has going against it compared to Tonkichi.

Update (30 June 2012): Had the jumbo ebi. It sure is big. But the batter is also really thick. The prawn itself lacked the crunch and freshness of good seafood. Oysters were still just so-so.

Verdict: Good, delicious t…

Prometheus [IMAX] [3D]

A slow burning sci-fi thriller that is definitely more appealing to true fans of the Alien lore. Multiple throwbacks to the old shows especially the entire first 30 mins. Unfortunately, the script by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts poses more questions than answering the, and some lines are too cheesy and clunky. Also, the overall structure may be a tad too bloated with self-importance. Sequels are clearly planned. Excellent direction by Ridley Scott with great haunting tension and taut scenes, coupled with gorgeous cinematography and (alien-)landscaping! Noomi Rapace has her moments but she out-Ripley Sigourney Weaver by so much it's beyond suspension of believe (and this film requires a lot of it, i.e. acceptance of future tech). Sadly, at the end of it all, as the lead Noomi still pales significantly to Sigourney. On the other hand, Michael Fassbender was excellent, as usual. His David was a fascinating conundrum and an enigma throughout; brilliantly acted and engaging to watch…